The LINERBENNE line of innovative, patented and certified products

We have designed and developed a line of container bags,

of varying sizes that are custom-made to facilitate decontamination and asbestos removal.


These packagings are highly resistant, flexible, watertight and compliant with ADR Special Provision 168 (Chapter 3.3). They are also especially adapted to the means of carriage most frequently used on work sites.

For Ampliroll dump trucks:

  • LB10 Series – 10-Ton Average Payload
  • LB12 Series – 12-Ton Average Payload

For 8×4 trucks:

  • LB16 Series – 16-Ton Average Payload

For semi dump trucks:

  • LB24 Series – 24-Ton Average Payload

To supplement our offer, we have an additional line of products that meets the full range of our clients’ needs.

For work sites with bulk asbestos waste of varying size:

  • 1 m3 Intermediate Bulk Container – 1-Ton Average Payload
  • • 1 m3 Intermediate Bulk Container – 2-Ton Average Payload

For bound asbestos waste for non-professional customers and customers of municipal waste dumps:

  • FibroLiner

For fibro-cement sheets::

  • DepotLiner 150 – specifically designed for 150 cm size sheets
  • DepotLiner 250 – specifically designed for 250 cm size sheets
  • DepotLiner 310 – specifically designed for 310 cm size sheets

Our solution’s added value

Our product line is built on four fundamental pillars:


  • Eliminate the emissivity of hazardous substances
  • Provide the mechanical strength required for loading / unloading operations
solutions-law1Fichier 7


  • Conformity with prescribed regulations
  • Possible use of traceable seals
  • Compliant labeling
solutions-pratiqueFichier 6


  • Large capacity
  • Ease of implementation and closing
  • Ease of unloading


  • Optimization of logistical costs
  • Optimization of maintenance costs
  • Optimization of administrative costs

The benefits for our customers

In a context where eco-responsibility and safety are an important issue for companies.


Our commitments

Committed to ensuring the highest quality of service, we provide each of our customers with a privileged intermediary.

Attuned to our customers’ needs, we consistently offer them solutions that fit.

Because each work site has time constraints, backed by a successful history of logistical service covering all of France, we are committed to meeting our delivery deadlines.

For customers with specific needs, we offer customized support in the use of our products or, if more appropriate, custom manufactured packaging products.